Full ODIS Package Plug & Play SSD

Installed Programmes

Odis Service Version V23 | Last Version

Odis Engineering Version V17 | Last Version

ETKA | Online Web

Elsawin | Online Web

Flash Files System | 12 Monthly Subscription

SFD Offline  Web Calculator | x1 Token

VAG Radio Online Calculator  | x5 Serial

ElsaPro Online Wiring Diagram | x1 Token (1 Week)


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Full ODIS Package Plug & Play SSD

ODIS Last Versıons

Use Dealer Level Access with Odis Full Setup and Other Utilities and take your Repair business to the next level.

Make your mechanical, electrical and electronic works faster, complete your works more professionally with dealer level software,


What is included in the package?

Odis Service –  Last Version

Odis Engineering – Last Version

Etka – Online Version

ElsaPRO Online Wiring System

FlashDatabase  – Frf sgo Files

Online Radio PIN Calculator – 5 Time

SFD Manual Calculator   – 2 Time



Odis Service Diagnostic Software: A Mandatory Tool for Volkswagen, Audi and Other VAG Group Cars!

Today, automobile technology is developing rapidly. You can see this technological progress especially in cars owned by brands such as Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Bentley, Lamborghini and Man. In order to be able to instantly detect any problems that occur in these cars and solve them as soon as possible, you need to have the right diagnostic software. This is where “Odis Service Diagnostic Software” comes into play.

Why Odis Service Diagnostics Software?

Odis Service Diagnostic Software has been specially developed for all car brands of the VAG Group. Thanks to this software, you can quickly detect any technical malfunction or problem that occurs in your car and make the necessary interventions in a timely and accurate manner.


What is Odis Engineering?

ODIS Engineering is a diagnostic and programming software used by Volkswagen Group (VAG) authorized service centers and technicians to perform advanced diagnostic and programming functions on VAG vehicles. It is designed for professional use and provides a wide range of features and tools to assist technicians in performing complex diagnostic and repair tasks.

ODIS Engineering offers detailed access to the VAG vehicle’s various control modules, allowing technicians to read and clear fault codes, perform component testing, adjust various settings, and update the vehicle’s software and firmware. It is used for programming and coding of vehicle control units (ECUs), calibration of sensors, and resetting or re-initializing control modules.

ODIS Engineering supports VAG vehicles from model year 1995 onwards and is compatible with all VAG brands, including Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, and Skoda. The software requires special hardware devices for diagnostic communication with the vehicle, such as VAS 5054A or VAS 6154.

Overall, ODIS Engineering is a powerful diagnostic and programming tool that enables VAG technicians to perform advanced diagnostic and repair functions on VAG vehicles, helping to ensure accurate and effective repairs.


What Transactions Can Be Performed With Odis Engineering?

ODIS Engineering software allows technicians to perform a wide range of advanced diagnostic and programming functions on Volkswagen Group (VAG) vehicles. Some of the transactions that can be performed with ODIS Engineering include:

  1. Reading and clearing fault codes – ODIS Engineering can read and clear fault codes in the vehicle’s various control modules, including engine, transmission, airbags, ABS, and more.
  2. Component testing – The software allows technicians to perform component testing on various vehicle systems, such as sensors, actuators, and other components, to diagnose faults and determine if they are working correctly.
  3. Coding and programming – ODIS Engineering allows technicians to program and code various control units (ECUs) in the vehicle. This can include programming new keys, configuring vehicle options, and updating software or firmware.
  4. Calibration and adaptation – The software enables technicians to calibrate and adapt various vehicle systems and components, such as sensors and actuators. This can help ensure the vehicle is running at optimal performance levels.
  5. Service reset and initialization – ODIS Engineering allows technicians to perform service resets and initialization on various control modules in the vehicle, such as the steering angle sensor or the transmission control module.

Overall, ODIS Engineering is a powerful tool that enables technicians to perform advanced diagnostic and programming functions on VAG vehicles, helping to ensure accurate and effective repairs.


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