Odis Geko

Odis Geko

ODIS Geko Online, in its meaning, is a system used for online programming and diagnostic operations of vehicles belonging to the Volkswagen group. Geko, which is a part of ODIS (Offboard Diagnostic Information System) software, is used to perform operations such as software updates, diagnostics and coding, especially in vehicles of brands such as Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat. This system enables authorised services and some independent service providers to access the electronic control units (ECU) in vehicles and perform online operations on these units.

The Geko system supports various functions such as updating the software and hardware components of vehicles, fault diagnosis, programming and coding operations. Working integrated with ODIS software, Geko establishes a secure online connection to perform these operations and provides access to the central databases of the Volkswagen group.

This system is especially important for managing and updating the complex electronic systems found in new generation vehicles. Actions performed via Geko can directly affect the vehicle’s performance, safety and compliance with emission standards.

User access to the Geko system is generally limited to authorised garages and some specialist service providers. Access to these services usually requires a subscription or special access rights and is subject to specific security protocols and access conditions.


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