VAG Automatic Radio Service

VAG Automatic Radio Service

VAG Automatic and Manual Radio Unlock Service for your cars.


You can order from our website for all VAG Group tools and more. Your codes will be sent to your e-mail address between 5-60 minutes after ordering.

Which Model Cars Can We Find Radio Codes?

1-Volkswagen Radio Unlock Service
2-Audi Radio Unlock Service
3-Skoda Radio Unlock Service
4-Seat Radio Unlock Service
5-Chrysler Radio Unlock Service
6-Ford  Radio Unlock Service
7-Nissan Radio Unlock Service
8-Fiat Radio Unlock Service and More Car Radio Unlock Service

Where Can I Order?

***You can get lost on our site that generates instant codes for Volkswagen-Audi-Skoda-Seat Brand Vehicles and you can view your codes instantly.***

How Does Automated Website Work?

***Click To Go To The Website!!!***

1-Proceed to Our Website

2-After Signing Up, Add Credits to Your Account

3- Write your serial number in the “Serial Number” section of our site, then click “Buy”. Required “Pin Code” for your radio will appear for you.

4- Our Website Can View Order History. You Can View All Radio Codes Calculated From Your User Settings.


Note : Automated Radio System Works For Only 4 Brands For Now!



You can order your other brand vehicles from our other radio site.

Other Website Link!!!

You can easily buy all your codes from our website. If there is no update, we will send your codes to your e-mail address within 5-60 minutes.

We Can Unlock These Brands!

1-Volkswagen Radio Decode Service

2-Audi Radio Decode Service

3- Skoda Radio Decode Service

4-Seat Radio Decode Service

5-Chrysler  Radio Decode Service

6-Nissan Radio Decode Service

7-Toyota (only)ERC  Radio Decode Service

8-Nissan Radio Decode Service

9- Opel Touch Radio Decode Service

10-Ford  Radio Decode Service

11- Blaupunkt Radio Decode Service and More !!!

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